Announcing Something New and Different! Music theory for Dancers

On Tap Dance Studio Announces Music Theory for Dancers Feeling like you need to be able to move with precision and passion?  Wishing you could follow the music with skill and precision?  Would you like to know what to do without thinking?  Then come on in for a rousing session of the exploration of whyContinue reading “Announcing Something New and Different! Music theory for Dancers”

It’s time to Swing and Groove!

This is It!  the launch of the Holiday Season with Christmas Lights, Fireworks, Parades, and Christmas Shopping!  We hope everyone will get in the spirit and help us decorate, march, support, and buy our great products.  Giving the gift of Movement, Fun, and Excitement will last the whole year!  Come on and Join us OnContinue reading “It’s time to Swing and Groove!”

Coppélia Worksop is coming up!

Immerse yourself in the world of Coppélia, a doll who comes to life! WHEN: February 15th , 2-4PM COST: $25.oo per student WHAT: A Coppélia ballet themed workshop for ages 10+ with no experience necessary 2hours workshop including a Dance History crash course,  ballet warm-up, mini pantomime class, a chance to try our hand atContinue reading “Coppélia Worksop is coming up!”