2558EC7C-DB85-42B1-81DC-0D3AE47ED044Dance Dance is our first love and one of our strongest programs. From Ballet to Hip-Hop to Contemporary to Jazz and Tap, we’ve got the class choice for you! All ages and all levels are introduced to proper technique, elevated above the basics, and taught how to soar! Positive attitudes are a must on our dance floor and we demand that our students try their hardest while giving themselves and others respect through their practice.

5BCED426-717D-4BC7-924A-DE1D915482A1Theatre Theatre breaks our students beyond the boundaries of the dance world and makes us a more performance-based studio. With a focus on singing, dancing, AND acting, students study scripts, learn songs, recite monologues, have fun with improv, and build confidence within an accepting and stimulating environment. Our enthusiastic instructors bring out positive self esteem with the reassurance that we are all great actors.

Class Descriptions

  • Ballet: Our ballet classes start at the barre and end in centre. We focus on technique, musicality, and artistry, and ensure our students develop a solid foundation and knowledge of this athletic art form and its vocabulary.
  • Pointe: Our ballet dancers 12 and older may start pointe work. New dancers start at the barre and focus mainly on developing the strength it takes to stand on pointe without the barre. When ready, barre work becomes a warm up, and dancers start working in centre where we continue to focus on strength, correct body placement, technique, and movement quality. We learn both traditional ballet pieces in this class and more neoclassical choreographies.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique: Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a relatively new body-conditioning and strengthening technique founded by Marie Walton-Mahon. This technique works in a progressive way, making it suitable for anybody. With a focus on ballet technique, PBT uses exercise balls to foster posture, alignment, and weight-placement awareness. It allows students to feel which muscle groups should be activated in specific exercises and helps them achieve the muscle memory required to apply this in dance and/or other sports. PBT is also used in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Floor Barre: Zena Rommett Floor Barre is studied by dance professionals, athletes, physical therapists and all different types of people looking to safely execute movement with proper turn out, placement, and alignment.  Zena`s vocabulary is referenced while lying on our backs on the floor, during this low impact exercise class.  This highly reputable form of therapeutic dance is for dancers and non-dancers alike, even those recovering from injuries.  There is absolutely NO previous experience required and Floor Barre Technique can easily be used as a warm-up for ballet class or even for recovery after a long day sitting at a desk.
  • ACRO: This class combines gymnastics with the musicality and fluidity of dance. We focus on strengthening, flexibility, and correct placement of the body to safely help students work towards all of their favourite ACRO moves and tricks.
  • Jazz: Our classical jazz class emphasizes the classical jazz techniques set forth by jazz masters such as Gus Giordano, Luigi, and Matt Mattox. We also incorporate some theatre jazz inspired by masters such as Bob Fosse. This class consists of a warm up and technique portion where we work on placement, isolations and specific jazz techniques/styles, and a choreography portion where we put what we learned in the first half of class to use.
  • Contemporary: This class focuses on conveying emotion through dance, stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring what your body can do, and finding your own “style” within dance. We start with a warm up and technique portion followed by choreography and/or improvisation. We emphasize exploration in this class, and although we work on a multitude of different techniques, we also allow our students the freedom to experiment and find their own unique place within the broad world of “contemporary dance”.
  • Tap: Musicality is at the forefront of this percussive dance as we learn complex rhythms and historical choreographies.  We learn about the pioneers of American Tap Dance and watch famous performances.  After loosening the ankles during warm up and working on basic drills, we move on to Improvisation and building confidence in creating sound and movement on the spot.  We even compose our own rhythms and steps individually, in pairs, and in groups!  Working on technique and tricks in class helps prep us for performance pieces and routines to showcase.
  • Hip-Hop: Our street dance class begins with a cardio warm up and stretch.  We work on building strength with conditioning exercises such as push-ups, sit ups and planks.  This high energy class is great for those who love to move and want to break away from the classical dance styles.  It compliments ballet training with an emphasis on finding the downbeat and staying grounded during movement.  Top rocks, get downs, and several stalls are taught and practiced in each class.  Breaking is our focus and is ideal for athletic types or those looking for a more high impact dance experience.
  • Advanced ITP: CDTA Advanced level Curriculum is followed with an Intermediate certificate as a prerequisite.  Pointe work is executed, but exams can be done on either pointe or demi-pointe.  This hour-long class focuses on challenging vocabulary and sequences of steps, including Barre, Centre Floor, and Allegro along with the assigned Pointe Work.  The Advanced ITP program requirements include Progressive Ballet Technique, Intermediate/Advanced Ballet, Pointe/Pre-Pointe, Ballet History & Anatomy, Floor Barre & Performance, Exam Class, and 2 Electives.  Completing this program successfully can lead to high school credits.  To be considered for our Advanced ITP class please contact our Studio Director directly at
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