pxl_20230123_220512213Dance is our first love and one of our strongest programs. From Ballet to Hip-Hop to Contemporary to Jazz and Tap, we’ve got the class choice for you! All ages and all levels are introduced to proper technique, elevated above the basics, and taught how to soar! Positive attitudes are a must on our dance floor and we demand that our students try their hardest while giving themselves and others respect through their practice.

Screenshot_20230214-180251Musical Theatre breaks our students beyond the boundaries of the dance world and makes us a more performance-based studio. With a focus on singing, dancing, AND acting, students study scripts, learn songs, recite monologues, have fun with improv, and build confidence within an accepting and stimulating environment. Our enthusiastic instructors bring out positive self esteem with the reassurance that we are all great actors.


After School Care is a fun way for children ages 4-9 to unwind after school.  A healthy snack, crafting material, and play equipment is provided daily and a FREE drama class is offered on embedded Wednesdays when the students walk to our close proximity studio location.  KPAC’s ASP takes place at Bridgewater Elementary School in the Resource Centre Monday-Friday from 2:30-5:30pm aside from Holidays, In-Service Days, and Cancelled School Days.  Children are picked up by our qualified staff at 1pm on the embedded days with no additional cost to families.  Free outdoor play time is an essential part of the program and we accept children off the bus from other districts including but not limited to Bluenose and Hebbeville Academies.

Adult OPEN Classes are a great way to socialize, stay fit, and raise those endorphins.  The classes are opened to ALL levels and can be modified for beginners and challenging enough for advanced dancers.  There is no need for experience in our classes and there’s definitely NO judgement.  The best part about dancing is not only can you stay in great shape, but you can have fun, and challenge your brain with a variety of dance sequences, vocabulary, and counting patterns, all while learning a new skill.  Our adult classes are offered by donation and we suggest that all members pay a yearly $50 fee to cover insurance and administrative costs as part of their non-profit dues to KPAC:)  Anything contributed above the fee is greatly appreciated and considered a donation to the organization!

Adaptive Dance is designed for neurodiverse individuals and individuals with special abilities. Classes usually start with an obstacle course that allows the students to get moving, warm up, and explore their own personal range of motion, balance, etc. in a playful way and at their own pace. The classes progress with an introduction to dance and dance technique, choreography, and free dance that ends with a cool down and stretch just like a “typical class”! The curriculum adapts to the students in the class and can change depending on the group. We have created a safe space where neurodiverse individuals can dance and perform just like their neurotypical peers with the leadership of a qualified and passionate instructor.

Exam Studies is based on the Canadian Dance Teachers Association Classical Ballet Curriculum and can be studied at a Junior, Senior, Intermediate, or Advanced Level. Students study the lessons during the school year and perform exam work in the Spring. Exam classes are meant to compliment existing ballet classes and are usually tagged onto the schedule after students are already warmed up from standard Ballet. Depending on the level of the student, they may also be required to take electives in other genres to balance out their training. The Intermediate and Advanced levels require at least 2-3 Ballet classes per week and can be done on Pointe. The Intermediate and Advanced level certificates also qualify for a Grade 11 & 12 Personal Development Credit through the NS Department of Education.

Summer Camps is our favorite to time to visit our neighboring communities and offer outreach with other non-profit groups such as the South Shore Public Libraries, the Mahone Bay Centre, and the Astor Theatre. We offer a variety of summer activities to both local students and summer residents. Dance and Theatre are our usual offerings with a unique twist such as Shakespeare Themed or Multi-Genre camps. We always take advantage of the beautiful weather and get lots of outdoors time as well. Students are engaged through creativity, fun, education, and a different approach to learning that makes for the perfect summer vacation. Each camp ends with a mini performance and demonstrates to families and friends what we worked on during the week!

Mentorship is how we pass on our love of the performing arts and assure the future generations get access to our knowledge and expertise. We train interested students in classroom management, class planning, first aid, mental health first aid, diversity and inclusion, and choreography. We provide certifications in necessary areas and also work closely with the Recreation Department on High Five courses. Special skills such as music editing, costume budgeting and creative Collaborating are addressed. The beauty of this program is that the material learned is transferable to other fields and is a good preliminary training for working in the arts and non-profit sector. Students will participate in a 2 week session in July and will assist with a qualified teacher during the school year in their preferred genre. After their first year of assisting, they may be assigned 2-3 of their own classes in an entry level paid teaching position. After year 2, they may take on their own full time teaching schedule with Kinship Performing Arts Centre in Bridgewater, Mahone Bay, Liverpool, or ALL THREE. Teaching rates are currently between $30-60 per hour for experienced dance professionals and the program is open to ages 15+!

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