Dress Guidelines

We encourage self-expression and confidence at KPAC. Therefore, our students have the freedom to wear their choice of dance attire. We do ask, especially in our ballet classes, that they try to avoid clothes that hinder us (the instructors) from seeing their body alignment. ACRO and ITP are our only exceptions; in these classes, we prefer our students to adhere to the guidelines outlined below. 

ITP I: assigned pink leotard, pink skirt, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes

ITP II: assigned royal blue leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes

ITP III: assigned burgundy leotard, black skirt, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and pink pointe shoes

ACRO: form-fitting clothing (for safety reasons) and bare feet

Shoes are an important part of dance, and are specific for each dance style! For this reason, we have included the shoes we expect our students to wear for each class below.

Creative Movement: bare feet or pink ballet slippers

Intro to Dance: bare feet or pink ballet slippers & tap shoes

Ballet: pink ballet slippers

Pointe: pink pointe shoes

Tap: black tap shoes

Jazz: black jazz shoes (sometimes character shoes for the older dancers)

Contemporary: bare feet or socks (depending on the technique chosen to focus on in class)

Hip-Hop/Breaking: indoor sneakers

ACRO: bare feet

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